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Use Premiere Project File Transitions

1. Open or Import:

Open the “Premiere Projectsfolder of the downloaded file. Select the project file of the transition category you want to use, open the file, convert it if necessary, and save a copy. (The original should remain unchanged.)

2. Open your project and Disable the Insert and Overwrite sequences option in the top left corner of Your Project’s timeline (playhead and tracks icon) it should be white/gray.
This will allow you to add the individual layers of the transition to your timeline.
3. Open the transitions folder and turn on Icon View to preview transitions by dragging the mouse over the thumbnail image or by clicking and scrubbing through the bar beneath the thumbnail.
4. Select the transition you want to use in the Transition project file. 
5. Turn Off/ Deselect source patching and track targeting for the V1 track. The V1 side should be dark gray on both sides.
6. Click Hold and drag the transition from the Transition project file into the timeline of your project file, placing the visible layers above your footage. Align the cut of transition layers with the cut of the two clips in your project.

Or if you prefer you can import one of the “ALL Transitions” files into YOUR project file.

To Import Transitions into A Project File:
  • Choose File > Import > File from the top menu. 
  • Then locate the converted copy of the desired transitions category in the “Premiere Projects” folder or wherever you saved it, and click Open.
  •  In the Import Project pop-up window select the following:
    • Import Entire Project 
    • Create folder for imported items.
    • Allow importing duplicate media.
To Change the Transition Resolution/Aspect Ratio:
  1. Confirm the Resolution of the sequence your working in.
  2. Select the “CHANGE SIZE HERE” sequence at the end of the project window.
  3. Choose Sequence > Sequence Settings and change to the same resolution.

All the transitions will automatically update to the new resolution. You may also need to resize any graphics used in the transitions using the Scale and Position controls in the Effect Controls Panel.